Verdad bearings Coalition Swiss titanium black


Founded in 2011,The V was born after Zeus hit us with his Lightning bolt. We believe in being an authentic skateboard brand, owned and operated by riders for riders. We’re riding in our own league and defending the essence of skateboarding without the bullshit.
Verdad represents the “we live to ride“ philosophy deeply. Skateboarding gives you freedom at heart.Verdad Riders are like the Original Seeds : Brave in the heart and always ready for action, any time any place, the search for adrenaline running through their veins.

Enter a new era with Coalition x Verdad Bearings Titanium Gold.
Prepare for a truly enhanced experience! Calibrated for high speeds, it is also suitable for street skateboarding.
Nylon Friction-less cages and golden Titanium rings, they are the assurance of many sessions.
In addition, we have equipped them with 608RS2 technology which allows perfect sealing.

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