CD Skate music Session heaters vol. 2


Koop jezelf een cd met de vetste skatemuziek en steun ineens het goede doel. De opbrengsten gaan integraal naar Ramses Bowl DIY Skatepark te Vorselaar.
With lots of local artists presenting some kick ass skate tracks.

Track list:

  1. 458: Day at the beach
  2. Radio Shotgun Graveyard ghost
  3. March: Reapers delight
  4. Black Mambas: Moderation
  5. The Gee Strings: Jerry’s going’ ape
  6. The Octanes: Can’t be friends
  7. Rusty Roots: Sidewalk
  8. The Sha-La-Lee’s: Long way to the USA
  9. The Devilles: Red Rusty
  10. Prince Beastly: Eastend fries
  11. FLKS: Grow up
  12. The Priceduifkes: Can’t skate
  13. Smooth Lee: Speed of light
  14. Unite Against society: Working Class
  15. Reno Divorce: Get the feeling
  16. The Dirty Denims: Turn off the radio
  17. For I am: Articulate
  18. Generation 84: End this now
  19. Rawönes: R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
  20. Opium Heathen: Vampyre medicine
  21. Spellbreakers: Well runs drie
  22. Falcon Super Runner: Live to win
  23. Sons of Disaster: Land of the sons
  24. The Crackups: Floor
  25. Spartan Seahorse: Open house asylum
  26. Toxic Shock: S.P.O.S.
  27. Hetze: Vile
  28. CLCKWS: Pride
  29. Gorebutcher: Redneck gore
  30. Travolta: In tinnitus we crust
  31. Arrögant: Fuck off now
  32. The End of Ernie: Why